Introducing Arya Legal California a law firm that believes that law is for the people.

Our Approach

We start by listening to you. Then we design the approach that best solves your matter without costing you extra.

We demystify the law and empower you by keeping you engaged at every step. We want you to understand the law that affects you and your family.

Practice Areas

We are here to help you achieve and keep your financial dreams

We come to you through video conferencing, in home signing by our mobile agents or through meetings at our satellite offices.

If you prefer to meet us at our office, we are based in San Rafael, Marin County in California. 

Meet Our Team

Our team is managed by Srijana Dhakhwa, Esq, JD, PhD. She has more than a decade of experience working in the field of estates and trust law. She is an immigrant and as such, she understands the immigrant drive to achieve and preserve wealth for legacy in a new land.

Our staff members are also skilled and passionate about the law. They have been trained to provide excellent service and to handle each case with extreme care.

“courteous and professional” “excellent service”

“very thorough and has keen attention to detail”

“deep experience and attention to detail was evident throughout the process”

”great at explaining complex and confusing ‘legal jargon’,very patient, but persistent”

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