Attorney and Staff

Srijana Dhakhwa, Esq, JD, Ph.D.

Srijana Dhakhwa Esq., JD, Ph.D. graduated cum laude from Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts. She has a Ph.D. in Economics from University of California, Santa Cruz and JD from University of San Francisco. 

Srijana Dhakhwa has experience in business consulting through Gartner, Inc. a premier technology market research and business consulting firm. She was awarded consultant of the year. She is also a real estate investor.

Srijana Dhakhwa is known for her meticulous customer service. Clients appreciate her ability to explain complex legal matters in simple relatable manner. One of the other things that clients say they most appreciate about Ms. Dhakhwa is her patience. Her passion for the legal field is infectious and clients feel it when they work with her.

Support Staff

The firm depends on a staff of highly competent support personnel. We use the service of remote and onsite staff.

We make a point of hiring our remote staff from areas further away from city centers, to give employment opportunities while enabling staff to live with their families in affordable parts of the state.



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